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Roseann Cameron

Roseann Cameron

Rose Cameron is a Visual artist living in Sumner, Canterbury, New Zealand.  Rose has experienced a broad brush of life, being a qualified solicitor and landscape architect, which contribute to her unique way of seeing beauty and light.  “Don’t you find that one does better when all alone with nature?  I myself am convinced of it.” Claude Monet

On a personal note Rose understands life is fleeting and her desire is to increase the frequency of epiphanies experienced.  The sensation of nature’s finery overwhelms her and an epiphany occurs. Through the art of photography Rose wants to recreate and disclose these moments.  Art created from this mysterious place enlivens and inspires the spirit.

Beech Air -lg

Beech Air -lg by Roseann Cameron (Canvas Print)

Lindis Moods -xl

Lindis Moods -xl by Roseann Cameron (Canvas Print)

Magnolia Grandiflora 3 -lg

Magnolia Grandiflora 3 -lg by Roseann Cameron (Canvas Print)

Milford Beach -xl

Milford Beach -xl by Roseann Cameron (Canvas Print)

Milford Form -xl

Milford Form -xl by Roseann Cameron (Canvas Print)