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Printing Services:

Image Vault offers a printing service founded on the strength of our knowledge of fine art and its reproduction. We have been involved in the art industry for over 70 years and with this experience understand the artists requirements and expectations. Along with this history in the art market we bring considerable experience with in-house computer systems and use the most advanced technology and equipment available.

The System:

The art prints are printed from very high quality digital files which are created from the original artwork. The digital file is processed through our Macintosh computer system and transferred via specialised RIP software to our Epson and Roland 8 colour printers. Complex in-house ICC profiling of the media, along with specialist computer equipment, all ensure the output is accurate. We use pigment based inks for our archive art and photographic prints, which are far superior to those used in traditional lithography in that they are brighter and have a high light-fast rating of 80-100 years in archive conditions.

Media Choices:

There is a vast range of substrates available including watercolour paper, canvas and photographic paper. Image Vault carries a wide variety of media with many textures, finishes and weights to suit the particular style of artwork.


All our canvas prints are protected with a unique finishing spray that protects the ink and surface from damage. Once sprayed, the canvas may be embellished by the artist to further individualise the work. Water colour prints may also be coated with the protective spray to reduce their susceptibility to marking. We offer an in-house canvas stretching service along with selected framing and finishing options.